Robbing in the day light

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Image - for the auto drivers to demand double of the meter fare is a common precedence in Cochin. You’re ought to avail the service at the fair as shown in the meter. These rogues would behave precisely like robber and you’d end up in paying as he demanded. You may not necessarily have time to take them be booked or hail a cop for help. 

How many of you bothered to call up the Police department and inform them. They’re at help and want to help. ACP in Cochin tells me that people are not lodging complaints. I rebutted that our system makes the people want to stay away and they found it earlier to pay the double fair. We should improve in a way using the technology so that the litigant doesn’t have to walk in the station to post a petty complaint. 

Remember, this is not a matter of a few 10 INR currencies we could easily give away to the poor auto driver. But, it’s a encroachment of the legitimate right we’re entitled to. Pay the well mannered auto fellow something extra to help him, he may not demand.

A Police man just called me on phone with respect to the complaint I gave on phone yesterday. They have held the auto lad and asked what I want them to do. I said collect the excess amount he collected and give it to poor and penalize him according to law.
A commuter says: “That’s awesome progress. I should have taken pics of all the journeys I did last weekend”
That’s what… Police wants to help. But, ACP told me that people just get away abusing them and pay as demanded. But, not bothered to lodge a complaint.

Plea from a civic, patriot and concerned citizen for traffic reform

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The Minister for road and transport,

Government of Kerala

Republic of India.Sub: Traffic reform

Dear sir,

I would rather have this letter treated as a an attempt from a civic and patriot citizen of this country who’s keen to see India’s face uplifted rather than to be considered one who just gushed an emotional outburst off pain, dismay,frustration and anger and shred this letter.

Our motor vehicle act was presumably legislated in late 80s when Maruti 800 with 4 gears was the most advanced vehicle that would find it very hard to reach 70 KmH mark even if you try very hard. We had very negligible number of transport on the road then. Therefore, the pavement then was used rather by the pedestrians and for those who loiter in the evenings than the motorists.

We seem to have stuck with some mental block wherein we made ourselves believe anything beyond 70 KmH causes all those accidents out there! This is high time we come out of the shell and bring about constructive change contemporarily.

The situation especially in Kerala is so different than any other state where it’s one of the most densely populated states in India wherein little difference between village and city in most terms; economically, education wise, living standard wise and so on. Thus, you could see as much motor vehicles in the village as in the cities.

Our roads are so narrow with two way traffic makes the life so breathtaking every time you get on road. Your family keep gasping until you gets back home safely. The traffic etiquette on our roads is among the worst in the world.

Potholes everywhere!We’ve vehicles on the road which are equipped to cruise beyond 200 KmH safely where as we’re not allowed to drive beyond 70 Kmh wherein the modern cars wouldn’t even get to utilize its top gears. We have puddles, no speed and potholes on road, plenty of accidents. Around 20 of us being killed in road accidents daily in every hour. No laws for the pedestrians who often cause mishap on road and easily get away with it.  Caught for driving at 90 Kmh

We must not negate that it’s not only of the time and frustration evolved, but also of the stupendously wasted energy, pollution, money and posed risk factor to the citizens. How many of us have thought about the opportunity deficit the slow traffic must have created over the years to a state like ours? Isn’t the state responsible to ensure the safety of its citizens? Isn’t state accountable for the energy waisted and pollution?

Administration and Police have to make stringent measures to ensure smooth and safe traffic on roads. Awareness on safe driving, lane discipline, driving license reform, etc are a few factors the administrations is ought to take care of. Police got to enforce the etiquettes judiciously than just booking for not wearing the seat belts and helmets which don’t apparently disturb safety of others at least.

The process to issue the driving license today is an absolute scorn. The process, ironically, is completely surrounded by the ‘Driving schools’ that are not monitored or constrained for their operations. Often, the ‘student drivers’ taught wrong and obsolete way of driving; keep honking, sit as closer as possible to the steering wheel, etc. No one is taught how to maneuver the vehicle watching the rear view mirrors. We got to overhaul our existing licensing process and put the internationally accepted methodologies in action. We need the drivers on road who knows how to drive, not just the ‘licensed’ creed. Hazard indicators for many is a signal to go straight where as no signal is required to go straight. Trucks on the first track

We can notice 3-5 zebra lines in 100 meters! Gaps in the median every 40-50 meters. A long gap in the median where there is a roundabout in 50 meters ahead! We expect the administration to one step forward than lingering to the vote bank politics. I’m sure the people affected by the road expansion wouldn’t suffice to overthrow the ruling party through the ballot.

A few simple suggestions:

  • Identify the roads that has major traffic and expansion
  • Service roads to highways
  • Footpaths and foot over bridges as required to be built
  • Reduce the gaps in the medians and meddling by the people with the medians, book defaulters with criminal act.
  • Pedestrians and bicycles to be barred from roads, use service roads
  • Defaulters to be booked – levy hefty penalties and or imprisonment as per severity of the obstruction created. Increase the traffic penalties manifolds
  • Service roads for highways and freeways
  • Unauthorized parking has to be dealt with very strictly.
  • Defaulters to be booked – vehicles to be towed away and levy hefty penalties.
  • Designate the tracks with minimum and maximum speed limit
  • Rigorous highway patrolling – form a special wing to patrol the highways and traffic
  • Scrutiny on lane discipline, trucks, buses, autos, bikers to be barred from the first track.
  • Scrutiny on speed
  • Scrutiny on proper head and tail lights – causes accidents at night
  • Scrutiny on vehicle load
  • Setup a centralized bank account for the Motor vehicle department for the defaulters to pay the penalty.
  • Bring in system to revamp the licensing and license using technology.
  • Bring in point system to deal with the regular defaulters
  • Bring in technology and people participation. Viz Twitter to report offenses.
  • Centralize the 100/9846100100 number to reach the nearest control/patrol

I want my country to go forward. I don’t want to see a foreigner pouting at our traffic system. I don’t want my country to be positioned among the countries like Zambia for the traffic. I believe strongly my country is way forward and we position ourselves among other developed countries. I should be able to maneuver our BMW at least 100 KmH legitimately and safely without having to worry about the truck overlapping onto the other lane as he wills.

Yes, we can.

Thank you very much indeed.

Zubair Chembakkodan (alias Zubair A Jabbar)

Copies to:

  1. The Chief Minister of Kerala
  2. Transport Commissioner of Kerala
  3. ADGP – Transport, Kerala
  4. Minister for road transport & highways, Government of India
  5. Prime Minister of India

When a wrong person sits on a (responsible) chair

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I have had a number of times where the Passports of my family members renewal/issuance got delayed unequivocally due to the ignorance and stupidity.

My little daughter of 2 months’ Passport application appointment was scheduled yesterday. The walk-in facility for the minors are no longer seem to be there. Neither does the system seem to allow the applicant to choose the slot as they want. Especially with the infant, it makes so difficult for the mother to cope with the time if it’s not according to the routine of the child that can spoil the whole day.

Therefore, I personally visited the APO himself to check on two things; whether the appointment can be changed to an earlier date as I was flying overseas on a business trip and whether my Passport in original would be required in case my wife brings the baby. He categorically said my Passport is not required. Our names are cross endorsed on our Passport and therefore it would serve the purpose. Neither am I working overseas to obtain the affidavit from the Indian Embassy overseas and stuffs.

He appeared as if he had no control over the affairs of the PSK when checked about the appointment date and time; may be the case.

When my wife and I walked in yesterday, I was asked to produce my Passport in original. I showed the copy of my Business VISA invitation and explained to him that it’s sent to the Consulate to have the VISA stamped. I was escalated to the APO; yes the same APO I had checked with a week ago.

He said, NO, I must bring my Passport in original! When I reiterated that it was him who asked me not to bring the Passport as it’s sent in to have the VISA stamped. His response sounded so ridiculous to me that is so incompliant to the chair he holds. “I have might have carelessly told you so”

The document advisor on the Passport India website clearly suggests “Attested photocopy of Passport of both or either parent” and APO does certainly have his prerogative power. 

I have had situations where the APO taking Process help from the TCS employee there which shouldn’t ever happen. He was dictating what he needed to fill in the remarks column then? How on the earth can this be done? A private person advising a APO real time on the process!! Nevertheless, the Passport officer was a very nice person, specially to mention, very knowledgable too, untied all the hecks and got my wife’s Passport renewed then. Image

I have been tweeting @indiandiplomacy as and when the issues occurred or being occurred. Is their Twitter ID just for broadcast? Can’t they make it interactive?

We need brilliant people sitting at the key position, lest the life of the people would be unwantedly persecuted. Image

Debate: This House believes Islam is a religion of peace

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Debate: This House believes Islam is a religion of peace


By Rachel Goddard-Bernstein

Ayes: 286

Noes: 168

In a timely debate, held just 24 hours after the religiously motivated incident in Woolwich, the Union considered the question of the nature of Islam.

Proposition speaker Matthew Handley started the debate by grounding it in recent events, deploring the previous day’s “reprehensible act in Woolwich”, a sentiment that he was sure would be shared by Muslims around the world.

Handley continued by separating the religion of Islam from the individuals who “violently hijack faith for violent and maniacal ends” and maintained that the Qur’an has an “overwhelmingly peaceful character.”

In the light of the “decade long surge of violence and aggression” against Islam since 9/11, he summarised the debate as a choice between “love and hate and rejection, peace and conflict” and concluded: “I hope you make the right choice.”

Speaker Anne-Marie Waters, council member of the National Secular Society, began the case for the opposition by denying that she and her fellow opposition speakers cause fear of Islam and blamed instead “the actions of Islam itself”.

She listed “9/11, 7/7, Mali, Somalia, gender discrimination, forced marriages, polygamy, amputation”, and many more. To the opposition’s claim that these acts belong to an “extreme fringe” which has misunderstood the words of the Qur’an, she described the executions for blasphemy and apostasy in Saudi Arabia, and asked “has there ever been a more spectacular misunderstanding?”

Waters concluded by arguing  that it is the moderate Muslims who must “dance around meanings” and “stretch interpretations” when confronted with the fundamentally violent ideology of the Qur’an.

Adam Deen, a prominent Muslim intellectual and founder and director of the Deen Institute, countered this by arguing that “if we approach Islamic teaching fairly and objectively, there is a golden thread that runs through whole Qur’an,” an ideal of “justice” and “positive peace”.

He argued that in fact the whole of Islam is compatible with “just war theory”, in which “the virtue of avoiding violence is superseded by the virtue of justice.” He then quoted from the Qur’an which states: “Fight in God’s cause but do not overstep the limits. God does not love those who overstep the limits.”

Daniel Johnston, journalist and editor of what he called the “not very right-wing” magazine Standpoint, called Islam “the most direct threat to Western civilization in the world today”.

Johnston deplored the lack of “freedom of speech, freedom of conscience, equal rights, and separation between church and state” in Islamic countries, emphasizing that “all these ideals emerged in the West.”

Johnston claimed that a university like Oxford, with its tradition of free academic inquiry, could not exist under the conditions of an Islamic state and that “there is no university in this sense in the Islamic world”.

Muslim journalist Mehdi Hasan, political editor of the Huffington Post, warned Anne-Marie Waters that her “astonishing claims” might endanger her future as a Labour Party candidate, but assured her “don’t worry, the BNP will take you”.

Hasan asked why, if Islam is “responsible for killing,” such a tiny percentage of believers actually participate in violence. He asked the audience if they really believe that 1.6 billion people are all “followers, promoters and believers in a religion of violence”.

Hasan urged them not to “fuel the arguments of the phobes and bigots and legitimise hate”, but to “trust the Muslims that you know and that you hear.”

Opposition speaker Peter Atkins, former Professor of Chemistry at Oxford, concluded the debate by describing Islam along with all other religions as a “supermarket of ideas and instructions” from which good and bad men can select what they want “according to their taste.”

However, he claimed that Islam “does in practice inspire more violence than the other Abrahamic religions”.

Taking on Adam Deen’s metaphor of a ‘golden thread’, he argued that “the opposite of peace is woven into the fabric of the Qur’an.”

Atkins declared that “all the seas incarnadine cannot wash the blood from a religion’s hands”, because “when evils destroy a human life, as they did yesterday, that life cannot be restored”.  He called on the audience to oppose the motion “for the sake of humanity.”


Is Islam a religion of peace?

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Such an emphatic presentation of how peaceful Islam is. Mehdi Hasan, is a British political journalist, political editor of UK version of The Huffington Post and the presenter of Al Jazeera English shows The Café and Head to Head.
Mr. Hasan took on the counter speakers showing the statistics and reasoning which made a lot of sense being contrarian to the public perception as to Islam is a religion of violence.

When did Taliban convert to Gandhism?

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Taliban has opened its office in Qatar in order to improve the peace process in Afghanistan! The US President, Barak Obama welcomed and appreciated the opening of the office. The President commended that it was a good step by the Taliban in order to reestablish the peace in Afghanistan. NATO and USA representatives are reportedly going to meet the Taliban this week itself.

Taliban’s ‘Embassy’ in Qatar

Taliban that has been fighting the US army hard over a decade now, didn’t slip their ideology to Gandhism having renounced extremism. What changes did the US notice in Taliban against whom US and its allies propagated that Taliban were profound religious fundamentalists (though the meaning contradicts), uncivilized, and retrograde; and fought with them over a decade to deracinate them from Afghan soil?

An official and elected Government and its diplomatic systems still exist in Afghanistan. Taliban is just a regressive extremist organization on the global dais. The same organization has opened its office in Qatar named ‘Islamic Emirates of Afghanistan’ along with own flag. It’s so interesting that Taliban was allowed to open its ‘diplomatic center’ having disdained the presence of the official Afghan Government. It’d be unjustful to believe Taliban was allowed to open its office in Qatar for no other reason, but US’s intrest.

Karzai’s puppet administration had formed a council aiming for peace talks with Taliban in 2010 itself, however, Taliban denounced this offer leaving loathing remarks that Karzai is just a puppet and no discourse with an illegitimate administration, rejected all sort of attempts for peace within Afghanistan.

This is where Hamid Karzai hit out at the attempted talks with Taliban; his anger is justified and makes sense too. It’s not an outpost for peace opened in Qatar, but an embassy itself, Karzai accused, dared that American and allies have cheated Afghanistan. The US attempted to create understanding with Taliban without any talks with Karzai means the US have already recognized Taliban whom the NATO had overthrown in 2001. Thus, Karzai’s question is totally justified that why should he remain president. The US has reached a miserable situation in way that they’re left with no other options but to give in to the battling expertise of Taliban, this is what Taliban outpost in Qatar tells the world.

George Bush and comrades who sent military to Afghanistan in 2001 calculated that some bombings can dethrone Taliban and replace with a remote controlled dummy. But, the Taliban guerrillas resisted so firmly in the battle that endured over a decade in Tora-Bora mountains in Afghanistan; US military literally gave in. Invaders’ mental strength is leaked at all and almost surrendered. Official reports reveal 2243 marines 443 British and 653 different NATO marines have lost their life in 2001. A mortar attack in Kabul just hours before declaring the peace talks with killed 24 US marines. UN testifies that Taliban’s military strength has been increased by 47% in light of the statistic of the attacks.

66,000 US troops and 30,000 NATO troops are still in Afghanistan. Dispirited troops just covet to get out of Afghanistan. Many suicidal and internal violence stories were reported.  Obama and comrades are looking for all the options to send the troops back by 2014 December. This is the inside story of the reinstated love affair with Taliban.

The US put forth three major conditions. Taliban abolish the relationship with Al Qaida, give up the military battle and come in terms with the Afghan constitution. In fact, US hasn’t been able to categorically substantiate if Taliban has any connection with Al Qaida. Everyone known it was just another concocted myth by CIA in order to establish their military presence in the region.

It’s disclosed now that Taliban had promised Bush that they would capture and hand over Bil Ladin, but they reportedly didn’t keep their words. The conditions put forth by the US may be acceptable to Taliban now; thus, Afghan’s rule may get back to Taliban. There the big question comes up, why the decade long battle that slaughtered thousands.

Courtesy: Janab Mujeeb Rahman Kinalur

A perspective to Madras High Court’s ruling on “Premarital sex not marriage”

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Madrass High Court (Tamilnadu, India) recently ruled in a case that the relationship where a couple begot two children are equivalent to that of a married couple. This has a great relevance in Indian perspective as it's a secular and multi-cultural society where the marriage can be defined in different ways. The contemporary yo yo generation has introduced a new (to India) system; Live-in relationship.  FirstPost article spurred some thoughts.
There are different angles in its social pertinence as far as the HC ruling is concerned. First of all, the woman who lived with someone, having customarily married or not merely depends on their ideology they follow, and have children can't just dumped to stray on a fine morning and the guy just get away. I thought the HC ensured the human rights of the two innocent children.
Problem seems to be with the promiscuous and lechers who just want to satisfy their sexual desire. Prostitution doesn't necessarily be for monitory benefit, affluents do only mean to quench their thirst in this terms. If gets conceived, they just lynch the innocent fetus that should incriminate the woman and the abetter and brought them to book under sections of murder.
Average age of the girls in Western countries and USA is 16 when she first gets pregnant; mostly the father is unknown. What has evolved to this situation? Was this girl a prostitute in accordance to the normal perception here? Wasn't she actually practicing prostitution, so were the guys? Singles mothers and fatherless children are a huge headache to the Western and American society.
When you sum this all up, it renders you reach a conclusion that the actual problem is somewhere else. It's the values we live with. Sex is the biological system in human beings to reproduce their next generation. It's also systematized by the creator to further enhance the relationship of the couple. So, there got to be a system which we overthrew and the consequences are naturally followed.
Over the history, some men seems to have problem taking up the responsibility of the women and their children. Society should come up in a way that such things are settled within the family, society before running into the court. So, it got to have a common doctrine of understanding and guidance.

When it comes to the legal ambit, there seems to be a very biased problem. In such context, both man and woman are responsible for having lived together. Therefore, the right for maintenance and so on should not be reserved to the lady, it shouldn't be either of them, but to the kids.

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