Pseudo academicians and anathema against Islam and Muslims – not spontaneous, but part of a larger strategic agenda

There has been a lot of discussions going around ISIS, Zakir Naik, Sufis, Wahhabis, etc. Narcissists, condescends, obscurantists, pseudo academicians, repugnants, ill-knowledged, pretext-ed, etc are screaming hourse against Islam off their mere ignorance or anathema for their vested and inclined interests.
There is another group of people in a way who run for rope to tie the calf the moment they heard of a bull gave birth. They never bother to check whether the bull gives birth or not.
There are reports where young Muslims disappearing from different parts of India, matter of fact different parts of the world. There are some deliberate attempt from some media organizations who have vested interest to tarnish Islam and Muslims to paint these absconded cases are of those who left to join ISIS without any corroborative evidence.
There is a group of Muslims, among ‘Salafis’ particularly in Kerala who’re very reclusive to themselves with their ritual-oriented Islam without giving a damn about worldy things such as modern education, etc. Paradoxically, these people travel in motor cars, stay in air-conditioned houses, eat broasted chicken, wear branded clothes contrary to what they preach. Secluded themselves from social life and even from immediate family. Wittingly and unfortunately, most of these are highly spirited dolts who have little and or crippled knowledge of Islam. They rather listen to any crap their Mullah leader tells them. They even go to an extend of leaving everything behind to live in Yaman. They grow sheeps as their way to earn bread imitating the means of earning bread as Prophet Mohammed did.
These guys however denounced ISIS unequivocally and declared it being totally unIslamic. As I observed them closely, I felt they were more of a nonviolent side of Taliban.
On the contrary, I feel pity for the people like Mr. Markandey Katju who knows little about Islam from its book screaming hoarse how bad Muslims are and Wahhabism and so on. He never responded to question from many asking him to define wahhabism, a person of his genre should have rather responded to the question in sane and prudence; not pouting to express his anathema based on wicked knowledge and rather ignorance. If you’re just screaming hoarse without understanding what it’s, you’d be just another dolt like the trolls on the internet who care a damn for facts.
Katju’s ignorance is evident in the concocted stories he propagates wherein a grave worshipper wasn’t allowed to kiss Prophet’s grave in Makkah, yes in Makkah by the ‘wahabi’ police. How great is Mr. Katju’s knowledge and basic awareness of the facts about Islam!! This man called Katju does know Islam, but just like a blind man touching an elephant. He is an atheist, but supports durgas, the greatest centers of superstions and exploitations in the name of religion! From his repeated support of durgas, I strongly doubt that he may be getting some share from some durga magnets who earn money in billions of rupees (most people in judiciary have such dubious engagements). A person who could not do any constructive reforms in judiciary during the capacity of of a chief justice is nothing but embarrassing when we read his half-witted posts on religious reforms. He seems to have serious identity crisis wherein he hangs Sri Krishna in his house while claiming to be an atheist.
His concocted story of a person forbidden from kissing prophet’s tomb is another big blunder because nobody has touched or even seen Prophet’s tomb for centuries. Prophet’s tomb is within the walls that do not have doors. People can see only walls that surround those walls from a distance. This system was done centuries ago, even long before the birth of the present Wahabi system in Saudi. Mr. Katju, update your knowledge of Islamic history before being termed a “jaahil”. So, the more Katju speaks on Wahabism, the more his poor knowledge will be exposed!
Islam by itself means peace / submission is a religion that promotes peace and harmony. It never ever promotes or endorse any sort of violence against any disbeliever. Yes, it refers to the warfare. But, history tells you clearly as to when the war was declared against the disbelievers. It was not because they were disbelievers. They came to attack Prophet and disciples even after fleeing from Makkah to Madinah that’s 450KMs away after breaching Hudaibiyya treaty. Those who rake hoarse about wars in Islam, better exert some effort to study about the treaty that would prove your prejudice unscrupulously incorrect.
Zakir Naik has never ever supported, purported or endorsed terrorism or violence without or with any ifs and buts. The channels like TIMES NOW are a on a ‘contracted’ spree on maligning Dr. Naik without no corroborative substance whatsoever. Click here to listen to the telephonic interview Times Now conducted with Zakir Naik, but completely overturned as the bosses weren’t satisfied with the fist version of the interview.13720691_10154136258890861_1602177268_o
To those who gush the threat of ‘wahabi’ Islam and affection towards Sufism, they’re either deliberate and desperate in their claim or totally ignorant of what Islam actually is, matter of fact, even about what Wahhabism is, let alone, they never even bothered to check if there is something called wahabism at all; just unfortunate.
The one who filed a complaint with supernatant of Police in Malappuram district against these sheep-muslims is my cousin Mr. Yasir who was once trapped to their ritualistic form of Islam and came out having gotten no prudent responses to his logical queries, he’s an engineer by profession. Some section of the media viz Malayalama Monorama with vested interests blew this complaint out of proportion as the plaintiff was an ‘ex-sheep’. They concocted it as a complaint evolved of the fear of ISIS’s infiltration there where as he never ever mentioned or didn’t even have such concern at all.ISIS
I’ve humble request to those who want to see the truth prevails do a bit of research in these areas before jumping the gun and calling Islam and Muslims are threat to the society.
1) Does Wahhabism exist? If yes, What’s wahabism? Define
2) What did Mohammed bin Wahab do in society where the present Saudi Arabia exists?
3) What’s Sufism?
4) Are Sufis peace-proponents as projected to be?
There are answers from my side, not based on my choice or insinuation, but according to what the facts are:
1 & 2) There is nothing called Wahhabism. Define what’s Wahhabism if you know it exists. Mohammed bin Abdul Wahab was a reformist who worked with the Saudi monarchy to integrate the society that was divided over clan and race battles. He brought them close to Islam how it’s taught in Quran and Hadith. This is nothing but a well recorded history.
3) Sufism are quite into the spiritual life without any substation from Qur’an and Prophet’s teachings without much of bothering to the faith aspects or other ritualistic aspect as taught in testament.
4) There is nothing like Sufis are peace loving and others are not. Mainstream muslims over 99.99% of 1.6 billion Muslims around the world are peace loving and they lead a peaceful and social life.
#IstandwithZakir #IsupportDrZakirNair #terrorism #IslamicTerror #ISIS #Wahabism #Wahhabism #daesh #داعش
Pseudo academicians and anathema against Islam and Muslims – not spontaneous, but part of a larger strategic agenda

#IstandwithZakirNaik #IsupportZakirNaik

There is no reason to believe that the agitation and propaganda against Dr Zakir Naik was just spontaneous in reference to the Bangladeshi perpetrator, but, there are plethora of reasons why I like many out there believe it’s part of a larger strategic conspiracy from the Islamophobes, very obviously instigated by the right wing extremists’ think tanks in India.
Times Now has been on a spree campaigning for the BJP Government and right wing extremist-protagonists ever since the NDA government assumed charge. PM Modi’s orchestrated interview was just a part of venerating the Government from the fallen-on-face-flat stage.
Listen to this telephonic interview TIMES NOW conducted with Zakir Naik, two versions of the interview, first a peaceful and listening interviewer changed the plot and style on her call-back claiming that record was lost off a serious technical issue. It’s obvious that the interview she first conducted wasn’t according to her bosses’ interests. Watch the video.
Zakir Naik has never ever endorsed or supported any kind of terror with or without ifs and buts. It’s up to you whether or not disagree with what he preaches. Erudites of different religious entities never had any contradiction on the academic debates they conducted on one stage and otherwise. It’s the silly cults inspired by right wing extremism paid or unpaid have started finding unsubstantiated error in his quotes. I must say these lunatics are well trained to cherry pick, misrepresent, misinterpret, misquote and blow what they don’t like put of proportion.
Astonishingly, people like Justice Markandey Katju behaves like a street rogue who has anathema against someone he dislikes. Had Katju been a little prudent, he should’ve substantiated his ‘stupid’ and ‘joker’ adjectives given to Dr. Naik. I’d like to call Mr. Katju a ‘dolt’ for his silly behavior like that of a primary school student, unscrupulous too even if he’s gotten carried away.
I’d say, if these dolts are sincere enough in their call for Zakir Naik’s ban and prosecution, let them also scream hoarse to subject speeches of Togadia, Prachi, Shashikala, etc to scrutiny.
Being prudent, from what I’ve listened to Zakir Naik so far, there is nothing vaguely or otherwise found instigating any sort of extremism or violence. But, I audaciously endorse Dr. Zakir Naik as one who unequivocally condemned terrorism in his personal and Islamic perspective.
#IsupportZakirNaik #IstandwithZakirNaik
#IstandwithZakirNaik #IsupportZakirNaik

Pets – indeed bliss to your family can have

Kathu (as Talin named him)- our dear cat. سبحان الله. He came back home after a small surgery. We missed him really and felt so bad when we visited him post surgery in slightly sedated condition. Read it till the end – this is not about the cat, but your beloved little kids.image

We found him as a small kitten of around 2 weeks in a park in Riyadh who was so exhausted and abandoned. We rescued him and took home. He became active in less than a day and started mingling with our family especially the little ones, Talin and Ehan. He is part of our family since then. He’s almost a year now.

Doctor from Aleef World, Riyadh said he hasn’t come across such a cat in his tenure so far. He’s a mixed American-Persian breed. Kathu didn’t let them do any post-operative injections once the sedation was reduced, not even shower, they couldn’t give him the dose of vaccination. He bit two of assistants when they tried to groom him.

He found very happy and relaxed when we came to take him last night. He recognized us and came out himself out of the cage though he appeared in a little pain. He showed his zeal and raised his hand against the doctor when he tried to check on him in our presence. He made a grunting gush at the doctor when he tried to check him again with an angry face while his expression changed totally when my wife and I called his name. We never found him angry or clawing even if our little naughty Ehan beats him at times. He just licks him instead.

Let me testify it here, in the age of gadgets and social media splurge, pets are indeed blessing and bliss a family can have. Your kids can turn their attention from all these electronic nuisance that changes their behavioral pattern substantially. Mingling with the pets, they learn to love, adore, care, be kind, playful and so on. They’d not be cornered to cartoons which are strategically developed in a way to lure you and your lovely kids for their lucrative commercial benefits beyond what you see on screen, but in the form of apparels, gadgets, amusement parks, etc. Capitalists care a damn for your innocent child, but you do.

You could adopt a pet who may need help from the scorching weather, decide today. I’m sure Amina Zerine couldn’t agree with me more though she was skeptical initially about taking the little Kathu home to the midst of two little naughty kids.

Kathu, you made our day.

Pets – indeed bliss to your family can have

Ahmed Saleh Al Furaih – miss you

زبير،،،، واينك،،، ما شفناك ولا سمعناك من زمان (Zubair, where have you been? Not seen you nor heard you for a long time. His call would come if I didnt call him in two weeks.)

Ahmed Saleh Al Furaih, his call wouldn’t come any more. If you ask me if he was my friend, that’s a wrong term to refer to him, he cared for me like a father did, a gem of a person. Passed away because of malignancy.

I can’t find words to describe how close he was to me and how much I miss him. I never felt myself any less than a member in his family circle, his brothers, nephews, his father, uncles and neighbors. Such a compassionate person, according to his sister in law, (as told my wife) that you can’t find anyone as kind as him, so true.

He forced me stay in his house for four months, got angry, rather upset with me when I skipped a meal. It was so hard to convince him that I can’t be sure of getting home for lunch because of meetings. It shook my heart when his son told me on fourth day after his demise that he loved me like a son.

I used to be invited well in advance for the Eid party and other get-togethers along with his family including all cousins, uncles, nephews, brothers, etc. I was the only non-Saudi there. Despite being the host, he held me beside him in order for me not to feel odd. Though I was hesitant, he’d see to it that I’d dance their folklore steps along with all youngsters, with sword in hand.

There was open invitation for lunch in his aunt’s house after visiting his father over Arabic coffee every Friday, the invitation is still there, dinner with his friends every Sunday. He took me to the aviation museum and we walked around. Number of exhibitions we visited along with his daughter Taala.

Plethora of gifts for my wife and children when they came from Makkah. Whenever I came from India, he’d want me to bring Tetley tea.

Can’t quite put the feelings in words. Can’t quite believe that he’s no longer there. But yes, as his son said, he’s in a better position than we’re. اللهم اغفر له و ارحمه و يدخله في الجنة الفردوس.

Ahmed Saleh Al Furaih – miss you

#JNURow – beyond selfies

There was a metaphor I heard when I was a young, an elderly uncle told his brat nephew: “don’t eat while you’re defecating”. The child gushed back, “I’ll dip the bread in the ***t and eat”. The entire political protagonists in India appears to be like that rogue kid who wanted to dip the bread in ***t and enjoy eating it. Quid pro quo is naive and your rating can get worse than your opponent.

Let alone the legality of whether or not the sloganeering in JNU suggesting to subvert the state (if at all as suggested by some corner) render to charge section 124a IPC, simply terms sedition. Supreme court in the past have asked whether the accused had perpetrated any violence to backup his ranting to allow sedition charge to be ascribed.

The sloganeering in #JNU was carried out, as reported in the media, by some other guys, never heard Kanhaiya Kumar was among one of those creepy blokes out there ‘trying’ to overthrow the state. They aren’t booked yet. Oh yes, he was heard advocate subverting the ‘authority’ of RSS and similar corners ‘adjudicate’ (of late) quite often that you’re anti-national. Indeed, that’s a plausible reason for you to clench your fist and practice punch on ‘anti-national’s face, that proves you’re national.

Why aren’t the sloganeers brought to book yet? On what ground Kanhaiya been detained? The Police could conclude that it was seditious very quickly and brilliantly.

article-hknsihskkc-1455540178More melodramatic orchestrations were taking place in Patiala House court premises in the next days, two days in a row. The same police (who were so brilliant) couldn’t, rather didn’t, nab (seemingly) lawyers in the court premises who hit many journalists including a woman journalist. Did the Police need much more evidence than the several video footages being played all around and indeed plethora of eye-witnesses? The same thug was allowed second time in the court.

Kanhaiya was beaten up again while being produced in the court and repor427088-kanhaiya-watermarktedly heard was slapping inside the court room too. What are we talking about? Such a dangerous precedence being setup.

What do all these render those who have common sense to fathom? Isn’t it an obvious dereliction of duty from the Goverment? The onus is on the Home Ministry of the Central Government as the Delhi Police is under HM. Couldn’t it probably be otherwise given silent nod to the right-wing army to take the duty of the police and nail the ‘anti-national’.

The right wing fascists are just freaking out everywhere demeaning and mocking our judicial system, law enforcement and all of it. A rather thug, happened to be a legislator, let Scott free after assaulting a student activist. He further went on to say and reiterated it on record with Rahul Kanwal that he’d shoot the guy(s) who were sloganeering. As he claimed, even if he was first hit, who gave him the legal right to assault back? No video has yet floated wherein O P Sharma was being beaten up, it’s the other way around. Why is this thug still roaming on the streets? To be elected comes with a lot of responsibilities and accountability.

Parliament attack was undoubtedly an act against the state and indeed I completely support death sentence rather than spending vehemently to keep the perpetrator(s) in prison to serve his sentence. At the same time, our constitution entitles us the right to have academic discourse and scrutinize whether or not the judicial process was properly done or not that makes our democracy stronger, not weaker.

We don’t want our country to run by a group of rogues and thugs who consider anyone who have a difference of opinion as anti-national and (love to) eliminate them. They feel are the cops and judge themselves. Right wing fanatics are getting carried away with their psychofrenic euphoria. Wake up loonies, the 31% is shrinking. In other words, those who academically and ideologically descent with you are now over 70%. Don’t just get carried away clicking a lot of selfies.

#JNURow – beyond selfies

#JeSuisCharlie – Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) is being tarnished, not by the cartoons, but the (claimed) protagonists

Looks like I’ve got to pull up the excerpt from the old article that I wrote sometime ago on blasphemy row took place in Pakistan and there were a lot stir on air related to Islam is evil and so on. You know what it’s. Being a Muslim who believes in Qur’an and Prophet (PBUH)’s teachings, I condemn in the strongest of language and tone the killing of the cartoonist,JeSuisCharlie, in Paris.

Such perpetration doesn’t represent Islam or mainstream Muslims who adhere to Qur’an and Prophet (PBIH)’s teachings. The most unfortunate matter of fact is that those who’re claiming to avenge the ‘defaming’ cartoon drawn by JeSuisCharlie are actually demonizing Islam and Prophet (PBUH) himself who taught the message of love, compassion, inclusiveness, tolerance and even patience being half of the faith. The terrorists should understand that Islam’s pristine messages and Prophet (PBUH)’s legacy can’t be dodged smudged or smeared by these cartoons by ignorant people. Islam’s message is way powerful enough to nullify all these flimsy critics which doesn’t have any merit in itself at all.

#JeSuisCharlie #ParisShooting #parisattack Nasrajan Jalin
A simple poem by my sisterly friend Mrs. Nasrajan Jalin

You terrorists who did the cold blooded murder in the name of Islam in fact have committed even way larger blasphemy of the Prophet (PBUH) who forgave boundlessly against the atrocities perpetrated against him personally and his followers then, taught us patience is half of the faith.  Which prophet has taught you to rebut sarcasm, satire and critics with automatic guns? You didn’t execute any Islamic value or teachings at all by this heinous crime. Blasphemy laws in many countries invoked notoriety towards Islam which is contrary to its principle itself. It’s undoubtedly against Islamic perspective to harm the person who blemished Islamic ideology, Prophet(s), Qur’an, etc.

Forgiveness is what Islam teaches. Prophet Mohammed’s (Peace Be Upon Him) companions stomped to kill a Christian man who peed in the Masjid where Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) asked them to exert patience and suggested them to flush there so that the pee gets cleared off. I would suggest those militant Muslims(?) and critics to study Prophet(PBUH)’s history where the time before the prophecy, Hijra (flee to Madina) until the first war ‘Badr’. You would learn the magnitude of patience exerted by Rasul (PBUH) and he purported patience. Prophet (PBUH) went ahead said “Patience is half of faith.”

Islam has not asked to chop the blasphemer. The news reflects that Islam purports death sentence for blasphemy; also reported that contemptuous words and deeds against Prophet Muhammed(PBUH) comes under blasphemy perspective. This is absolutely contrary to the fact. Contempt of Prophet is misuse of freedom in Islamic perspective though; not unforgivable sin. Neither the contemptuous person is not entitled to any punishment nor any proof supporting the punishment be found in testaments.

If anyone has used any scornful words against the Prophet, a Muslim is expected to view it as a misunderstanding is all. The primary responsibility of a Muslim to debate or admonish such people to convince them of Islam and do about erasing the misunderstanding they have of the Prophet. There must be a reason by which Micheal H Heart chose Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) to be the most influential person in the world. Leave the prejudice aside.

There is no way that the majority of the 1.8 billion odd Muslims around the globe are waiting to blow themselves up and destroy rest of the human kind. Observe the Muslims you know and interacted with, study what is said from testaments rather than from bigoted articles written by anathema.

I’m not here for gutter game or whataboutery and score some brownie points by defending the atrocities done in the name of my religion and community at all. We objurgate it more than you do. Also to spread the message of compassion, love, inclusiveness, tolerance Islam teaches comprehensively,not from cherry picked verses.

Terror perpetrated by anyone is terror and same scale be applied for anyone who perpetrates. Realize the double standard where the replica of perpetrations committed by different community members are termed ‘Crime’ and ‘terrorism’ when it’s done by a (claimed) Muslim.

#JeSuisCharlie – Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) is being tarnished, not by the cartoons, but the (claimed) protagonists

Everyone is born as Muslim

At the outset, I am not a AIMIM protagonist, neither do I represent @asadowaisi’s political view. However, in the recent spark where @asadowaisi made a remark that everyone born is Muslim and later the school of belief changes according to circumstances, it is just a perception in Islam as per the testament i.e. Qur’an. There is a fundamental difference in what #RSS’s Mohanbhagawat and comrades like Mr. Subramanian Swamy @Swamy39 have been gushing; they enforce Hinduism on everyone out there, which is an offence not a perception. Mr. Owaisi @asadowaisi himself categorically mentioned that compulsion isn’t there in Islam. In fact, Islam is against compulsion to enforce/accept faith. Therefore, don’t generalize and even compare Mr. Owaisi’s statement and Mohan Bhagvat’s statement. What’s @Swamy39 and comrades have been advocating? To throw Muslims to Pakistan in case they don’t accept Hindutwa principle, Mr. Owaisi not only asked for coercion, but also categorically mentioned that there is no enforcement and it’s one’s free will and so on.!!

In Soorah Al-A’raaf, Verses 172-173; ( )Allah explained that when He created Adam, He caused all of Adam’s descendants to come into existence and took a pledge from them saying, Am I not your Lord? To which they all replied, ” Yes, we testify to It:’

Allah then explained why He had all of mankind bear witness that He is their creator and only true God worthy of worship. He said, “That was In case you (mankind) should say on the day of Resurrection, “Verily we were unaware of all this.” That is to say, we had no idea that You Allah, were our God. No one told us that we were only supposed to worship You alone. Allah went on to explain That it was also In case you should say, “Certainly It was our ancestors who made partners (With Allah) and we are only their descendants; will You then destroy us for what those liars did?” Thus, every child is born with a natural belief in Allah and an inborn inclination to worship Him alone called in Arabic the “Fitrah”.

If the child were left alone, he would worship Allah in his own way, but all children are affected by those things around them, seen or unseen.

The Prophet (PBUH) reported that Allah said, “I created my servants in the right religion but devils made them go astray”. The Prophet (PBUH) also said, “Each child is born in a state of “Fitrah”, then his parents make him a Jew, Christian or a Zoroastrian, the way an animal gives birth to a normal offspring. Have you noticed any that were born mutilated?” (Al-Bukhaaree and Muslim).

I don’t understand why people have hiccups to what’s perceived as per Islamic belief that every new born is Muslim which doesn’t harm anyone nor deemed to target anyone at all. It’s just a perception and anyone is entitled to have their perception.

We relegate on a sentence that too twisted besides of what Asaduddin Owaisi spoke for 90 minutes reportedly. He said ‘everyone’, but media twisted it to be ‘every Indian’ on the headline whereas the essay says otherwise. Even NDTV did their best to twist the headline to get more mileage.

Nonetheless, I feel Mr. Owaisi, considering his brilliance and intellect, having known the way media works, at least some sections in there, it could have been avoided considering the given circumstances in India. However, I reiterate that whatever he spoke then was fully coherent and warranted, no agitation as it nowhere misled at anyone.

Ms. Suchitra Vijayan wrote a very beautifully poised piece in The Hindu today. “Islamic difference and radicalization’. Although the article isn’t directly related to this subject, however, it’s connected in many ways or the other.…/comment-articl…/article6760854.ece

There are pseudo academicians who just make passing remarks like Wahabi radicalism and so on. It’s so surprising if at all anything exist like one. None of these people who allege such remarks substantiate their claim categorically. Mohammed Abdul Wahab was an Islamic scholar who reformed a very perverted society along with Al Saud family who established The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Everyone is born as Muslim