#JeSuisCharlie – Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) is being tarnished, not by the cartoons, but the (claimed) protagonists

Looks like I’ve got to pull up the excerpt from the old article that I wrote sometime ago on blasphemy row took place in Pakistan and there were a lot stir on air related to Islam is evil and so on. You know what it’s. Being a Muslim who believes in Qur’an and Prophet (PBUH)’s teachings, I condemn in the strongest of language and tone the killing of the cartoonist,JeSuisCharlie, in Paris.

Such perpetration doesn’t represent Islam or mainstream Muslims who adhere to Qur’an and Prophet (PBIH)’s teachings. The most unfortunate matter of fact is that those who’re claiming to avenge the ‘defaming’ cartoon drawn by JeSuisCharlie are actually demonizing Islam and Prophet (PBUH) himself who taught the message of love, compassion, inclusiveness, tolerance and even patience being half of the faith. The terrorists should understand that Islam’s pristine messages and Prophet (PBUH)’s legacy can’t be dodged smudged or smeared by these cartoons by ignorant people. Islam’s message is way powerful enough to nullify all these flimsy critics which doesn’t have any merit in itself at all.

#JeSuisCharlie #ParisShooting #parisattack Nasrajan Jalin
A simple poem by my sisterly friend Mrs. Nasrajan Jalin

You terrorists who did the cold blooded murder in the name of Islam in fact have committed even way larger blasphemy of the Prophet (PBUH) who forgave boundlessly against the atrocities perpetrated against him personally and his followers then, taught us patience is half of the faith.  Which prophet has taught you to rebut sarcasm, satire and critics with automatic guns? You didn’t execute any Islamic value or teachings at all by this heinous crime. Blasphemy laws in many countries invoked notoriety towards Islam which is contrary to its principle itself. It’s undoubtedly against Islamic perspective to harm the person who blemished Islamic ideology, Prophet(s), Qur’an, etc.

Forgiveness is what Islam teaches. Prophet Mohammed’s (Peace Be Upon Him) companions stomped to kill a Christian man who peed in the Masjid where Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) asked them to exert patience and suggested them to flush there so that the pee gets cleared off. I would suggest those militant Muslims(?) and critics to study Prophet(PBUH)’s history where the time before the prophecy, Hijra (flee to Madina) until the first war ‘Badr’. You would learn the magnitude of patience exerted by Rasul (PBUH) and he purported patience. Prophet (PBUH) went ahead said “Patience is half of faith.”

Islam has not asked to chop the blasphemer. The news reflects that Islam purports death sentence for blasphemy; also reported that contemptuous words and deeds against Prophet Muhammed(PBUH) comes under blasphemy perspective. This is absolutely contrary to the fact. Contempt of Prophet is misuse of freedom in Islamic perspective though; not unforgivable sin. Neither the contemptuous person is not entitled to any punishment nor any proof supporting the punishment be found in testaments.

If anyone has used any scornful words against the Prophet, a Muslim is expected to view it as a misunderstanding is all. The primary responsibility of a Muslim to debate or admonish such people to convince them of Islam and do about erasing the misunderstanding they have of the Prophet. There must be a reason by which Micheal H Heart chose Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) to be the most influential person in the world. Leave the prejudice aside.

There is no way that the majority of the 1.8 billion odd Muslims around the globe are waiting to blow themselves up and destroy rest of the human kind. Observe the Muslims you know and interacted with, study what is said from testaments rather than from bigoted articles written by anathema.

I’m not here for gutter game or whataboutery and score some brownie points by defending the atrocities done in the name of my religion and community at all. We objurgate it more than you do. Also to spread the message of compassion, love, inclusiveness, tolerance Islam teaches comprehensively,not from cherry picked verses.

Terror perpetrated by anyone is terror and same scale be applied for anyone who perpetrates. Realize the double standard where the replica of perpetrations committed by different community members are termed ‘Crime’ and ‘terrorism’ when it’s done by a (claimed) Muslim.

#JeSuisCharlie – Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) is being tarnished, not by the cartoons, but the (claimed) protagonists

Everyone is born as Muslim

At the outset, I am not a AIMIM protagonist, neither do I represent @asadowaisi’s political view. However, in the recent spark where @asadowaisi made a remark that everyone born is Muslim and later the school of belief changes according to circumstances, it is just a perception in Islam as per the testament i.e. Qur’an. There is a fundamental difference in what #RSS’s Mohanbhagawat and comrades like Mr. Subramanian Swamy @Swamy39 have been gushing; they enforce Hinduism on everyone out there, which is an offence not a perception. Mr. Owaisi @asadowaisi himself categorically mentioned that compulsion isn’t there in Islam. In fact, Islam is against compulsion to enforce/accept faith.http://quran.com/2/256 Therefore, don’t generalize and even compare Mr. Owaisi’s statement and Mohan Bhagvat’s statement. What’s @Swamy39 and comrades have been advocating? To throw Muslims to Pakistan in case they don’t accept Hindutwa principle, Mr. Owaisi not only asked for coercion, but also categorically mentioned that there is no enforcement and it’s one’s free will and so on.!!

In Soorah Al-A’raaf, Verses 172-173; ( http://quran.com/7/172-173 )Allah explained that when He created Adam, He caused all of Adam’s descendants to come into existence and took a pledge from them saying, Am I not your Lord? To which they all replied, ” Yes, we testify to It:’

Allah then explained why He had all of mankind bear witness that He is their creator and only true God worthy of worship. He said, “That was In case you (mankind) should say on the day of Resurrection, “Verily we were unaware of all this.” That is to say, we had no idea that You Allah, were our God. No one told us that we were only supposed to worship You alone. Allah went on to explain That it was also In case you should say, “Certainly It was our ancestors who made partners (With Allah) and we are only their descendants; will You then destroy us for what those liars did?” Thus, every child is born with a natural belief in Allah and an inborn inclination to worship Him alone called in Arabic the “Fitrah”.

If the child were left alone, he would worship Allah in his own way, but all children are affected by those things around them, seen or unseen.

The Prophet (PBUH) reported that Allah said, “I created my servants in the right religion but devils made them go astray”. The Prophet (PBUH) also said, “Each child is born in a state of “Fitrah”, then his parents make him a Jew, Christian or a Zoroastrian, the way an animal gives birth to a normal offspring. Have you noticed any that were born mutilated?” (Al-Bukhaaree and Muslim).

I don’t understand why people have hiccups to what’s perceived as per Islamic belief that every new born is Muslim which doesn’t harm anyone nor deemed to target anyone at all. It’s just a perception and anyone is entitled to have their perception.

We relegate on a sentence that too twisted besides of what Asaduddin Owaisi spoke for 90 minutes reportedly. He said ‘everyone’, but media twisted it to be ‘every Indian’ on the headline whereas the essay says otherwise. Even NDTV did their best to twist the headline to get more mileage.

Nonetheless, I feel Mr. Owaisi, considering his brilliance and intellect, having known the way media works, at least some sections in there, it could have been avoided considering the given circumstances in India. However, I reiterate that whatever he spoke then was fully coherent and warranted, no agitation as it nowhere misled at anyone.

Ms. Suchitra Vijayan wrote a very beautifully poised piece in The Hindu today. “Islamic difference and radicalization’. Although the article isn’t directly related to this subject, however, it’s connected in many ways or the other. http://www.thehindu.com/…/comment-articl…/article6760854.ece

There are pseudo academicians who just make passing remarks like Wahabi radicalism and so on. It’s so surprising if at all anything exist like one. None of these people who allege such remarks substantiate their claim categorically. Mohammed Abdul Wahab was an Islamic scholar who reformed a very perverted society along with Al Saud family who established The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Everyone is born as Muslim

Ain’t we reading adulterated history books?

There are so my cults I come across quite a daily basis for instance when you tweet who just come and attack you for being a Muslim or advocate Islam. They’ve their own prejudice about Islam and Muslims without studying the surroundings from an unbiased source or from the referred scripture or booked, they rather prefer to contain with their predetermined reservations injected to them.

How do you relate religion and or community when you’re defending own mother land? Is it to do with religion in any angle at all? Some zionist friend of mine always tried to twist his contention as a religious conflict in Gaza, he finally felt it more convenient to remove me from my friends’ list and block me out than rebutting to the rationale and truths I put up time to time.

The RWF in India who polarized the elections on the religious tags and finally they culminated their win having been planned for decades meticulously, better to say in an unscrupulous manner. The methodologies and approaches quite emulates that of Hitler and comrades then. Who does not know Joseph Goebbels!!

They should rather study a bit about history like where millions of Muslims were massacred in Philippines and similarly millions of aborigines were wiped out from Australia.

If anyone who’s sincere in his critics rather than mere ranting shall read Prof. Robert Pape’s Dying to Win: The Strategic Logic of Suicide Terrorism. He analyses each and every suicide bombing cases and concluded that 99% and more of the suicide bombers blew themselves up for a politically motivated strategic cause. There had nothing absolutely to do with the religion at all.

Why aren’t the bigots referring to the bloodbath in Burma, Sri Lanka, Thailand all were perpetrated against Muslims by Buddhists? In short, they jump the guns to term the perpetrations committed by a non-Muslim is a crime and if it’s done by a Muslim named person, it’s terrorism.

What has USA been doing in the Middle East for over a decade now? Their blatantly decorated lies about Saddam’s WMD and such stuffs!! They just wanted to eliminate Saddam who advocated to trade oil in an unified Middle Eastern currency and take away some oil establishing Iraq governance under their control. It’s just the replication occurred in Libya too.

When American invaded Germany during the world war II, they planned for 2 years before the invasion where they constituted OHRA 50 days before the invasion. However, the top officials of OHRA then testified that they literally had no planning and further to the invasion, they never listened to OHRA’s direction in running Iraq. A lobby led by VP Dick Cheney within Bush’s administration got things done without even consulting him, neither was he interested to know. This clearly shows their intentions which is nothing but evil and their personal benefit for USA and their pockets.

Refer to:
The Monotheists: Jews, Christians, and Muslims in Conflict and Competition
Prof. Robert Pape’s Dying to Win: The Strategic Logic of Suicide Terrorism.

Ain’t we reading adulterated history books?

Hateocracy of Modi Bhakts

It’s very obvious for any prudent to figure out what was going on. Rajdeep Sardesai had a very clear stand and perspective when it comes to the terror and he dared to term Hindu terror/saffron terror when it comes to the terror perpetrated by Hindu groups.

There is nothing a man could do despite of his position when you’re ended up in a mob that can even lynch you. I’m sure Rajdeep must have restrained himself to the maximum limit. It’s quite natural for anyone to defend for his self-respect when it goes beyond the head. He’s a human being after all.

Rajdeep has been one of the very few journos who dared to call spade a spade. He didn’t bow even when the so called Modi Wave was lingering as many other channels were slowly going chameleon way.

Look at the powerful and mighty way of gaging the entire Network 18 house, Reliance just bought Network 18!!! Anyone with a bit of reasoning and rationale can easily figure out how the deal must have been done. No surprise even if there was threatening to acquire the channel. It’s the capitalistic way of gaging. Of course, Radjeep and Sagarika shelled their shares in Network 18 too. We all know the kind of hard work Rajdeep has put in to bring up Network 18. It was such a professional channel until we started noticing India 9 slowly tilting toward a Pro-Modi stand as Rajdeep stayed away mostly and replaced with Bhupendra Choube who always possessed a pro-RWF stand.

We patriot and secular Indians standby you Rajdeep. You’ve a long way to go, India needs you 

Hateocracy of Modi Bhakts

Robbing in the day light

Image – for the auto drivers to demand double of the meter fare is a common precedence in Cochin. You’re ought to avail the service at the fair as shown in the meter. These rogues would behave precisely like robber and you’d end up in paying as he demanded. You may not necessarily have time to take them be booked or hail a cop for help. 

How many of you bothered to call up the Police department and inform them. They’re at help and want to help. ACP in Cochin tells me that people are not lodging complaints. I rebutted that our system makes the people want to stay away and they found it earlier to pay the double fair. We should improve in a way using the technology so that the litigant doesn’t have to walk in the station to post a petty complaint. 

Remember, this is not a matter of a few 10 INR currencies we could easily give away to the poor auto driver. But, it’s a encroachment of the legitimate right we’re entitled to. Pay the well mannered auto fellow something extra to help him, he may not demand.

A Police man just called me on phone with respect to the complaint I gave on phone yesterday. They have held the auto lad and asked what I want them to do. I said collect the excess amount he collected and give it to poor and penalize him according to law.
A commuter says: “That’s awesome progress. I should have taken pics of all the journeys I did last weekend”
That’s what… Police wants to help. But, ACP told me that people just get away abusing them and pay as demanded. But, not bothered to lodge a complaint.
Robbing in the day light

Plea from a civic, patriot and concerned citizen for traffic reform


The Minister for road and transport,

Government of Kerala

Republic of India.Sub: Traffic reform

Dear sir,

I would rather have this letter treated as a an attempt from a civic and patriot citizen of this country who’s keen to see India’s face uplifted rather than to be considered one who just gushed an emotional outburst off pain, dismay,frustration and anger and shred this letter.

Our motor vehicle act was presumably legislated in late 80s when Maruti 800 with 4 gears was the most advanced vehicle that would find it very hard to reach 70 KmH mark even if you try very hard. We had very negligible number of transport on the road then. Therefore, the pavement then was used rather by the pedestrians and for those who loiter in the evenings than the motorists.

We seem to have stuck with some mental block wherein we made ourselves believe anything beyond 70 KmH causes all those accidents out there! This is high time we come out of the shell and bring about constructive change contemporarily.

The situation especially in Kerala is so different than any other state where it’s one of the most densely populated states in India wherein little difference between village and city in most terms; economically, education wise, living standard wise and so on. Thus, you could see as much motor vehicles in the village as in the cities.

Our roads are so narrow with two way traffic makes the life so breathtaking every time you get on road. Your family keep gasping until you gets back home safely. The traffic etiquette on our roads is among the worst in the world.

Potholes everywhere!We’ve vehicles on the road which are equipped to cruise beyond 200 KmH safely where as we’re not allowed to drive beyond 70 Kmh wherein the modern cars wouldn’t even get to utilize its top gears. We have puddles, no speed and potholes on road, plenty of accidents. Around 20 of us being killed in road accidents daily in every hour. No laws for the pedestrians who often cause mishap on road and easily get away with it.  Caught for driving at 90 Kmh

We must not negate that it’s not only of the time and frustration evolved, but also of the stupendously wasted energy, pollution, money and posed risk factor to the citizens. How many of us have thought about the opportunity deficit the slow traffic must have created over the years to a state like ours? Isn’t the state responsible to ensure the safety of its citizens? Isn’t state accountable for the energy waisted and pollution?

Administration and Police have to make stringent measures to ensure smooth and safe traffic on roads. Awareness on safe driving, lane discipline, driving license reform, etc are a few factors the administrations is ought to take care of. Police got to enforce the etiquettes judiciously than just booking for not wearing the seat belts and helmets which don’t apparently disturb safety of others at least.

The process to issue the driving license today is an absolute scorn. The process, ironically, is completely surrounded by the ‘Driving schools’ that are not monitored or constrained for their operations. Often, the ‘student drivers’ taught wrong and obsolete way of driving; keep honking, sit as closer as possible to the steering wheel, etc. No one is taught how to maneuver the vehicle watching the rear view mirrors. We got to overhaul our existing licensing process and put the internationally accepted methodologies in action. We need the drivers on road who knows how to drive, not just the ‘licensed’ creed. Hazard indicators for many is a signal to go straight where as no signal is required to go straight. Trucks on the first track

We can notice 3-5 zebra lines in 100 meters! Gaps in the median every 40-50 meters. A long gap in the median where there is a roundabout in 50 meters ahead! We expect the administration to one step forward than lingering to the vote bank politics. I’m sure the people affected by the road expansion wouldn’t suffice to overthrow the ruling party through the ballot.

A few simple suggestions:

  • Identify the roads that has major traffic and expansion
  • Service roads to highways
  • Footpaths and foot over bridges as required to be built
  • Reduce the gaps in the medians and meddling by the people with the medians, book defaulters with criminal act.
  • Pedestrians and bicycles to be barred from roads, use service roads
  • Defaulters to be booked – levy hefty penalties and or imprisonment as per severity of the obstruction created. Increase the traffic penalties manifolds
  • Service roads for highways and freeways
  • Unauthorized parking has to be dealt with very strictly.
  • Defaulters to be booked – vehicles to be towed away and levy hefty penalties.
  • Designate the tracks with minimum and maximum speed limit
  • Rigorous highway patrolling – form a special wing to patrol the highways and traffic
  • Scrutiny on lane discipline, trucks, buses, autos, bikers to be barred from the first track.
  • Scrutiny on speed
  • Scrutiny on proper head and tail lights – causes accidents at night
  • Scrutiny on vehicle load
  • Setup a centralized bank account for the Motor vehicle department for the defaulters to pay the penalty.
  • Bring in system to revamp the licensing and license using technology.
  • Bring in point system to deal with the regular defaulters
  • Bring in technology and people participation. Viz Twitter to report offenses.
  • Centralize the 100/9846100100 number to reach the nearest control/patrol

I want my country to go forward. I don’t want to see a foreigner pouting at our traffic system. I don’t want my country to be positioned among the countries like Zambia for the traffic. I believe strongly my country is way forward and we position ourselves among other developed countries. I should be able to maneuver our BMW at least 100 KmH legitimately and safely without having to worry about the truck overlapping onto the other lane as he wills.

Yes, we can.

Thank you very much indeed.

Zubair Chembakkodan (alias Zubair A Jabbar)


Copies to:

  1. The Chief Minister of Kerala
  2. Transport Commissioner of Kerala
  3. ADGP – Transport, Kerala
  4. Minister for road transport & highways, Government of India
  5. Prime Minister of India
Plea from a civic, patriot and concerned citizen for traffic reform

When a wrong person sits on a (responsible) chair

I have had a number of times where the Passports of my family members renewal/issuance got delayed unequivocally due to the ignorance and stupidity.

My little daughter of 2 months’ Passport application appointment was scheduled yesterday. The walk-in facility for the minors are no longer seem to be there. Neither does the system seem to allow the applicant to choose the slot as they want. Especially with the infant, it makes so difficult for the mother to cope with the time if it’s not according to the routine of the child that can spoil the whole day.

Therefore, I personally visited the APO himself to check on two things; whether the appointment can be changed to an earlier date as I was flying overseas on a business trip and whether my Passport in original would be required in case my wife brings the baby. He categorically said my Passport is not required. Our names are cross endorsed on our Passport and therefore it would serve the purpose. Neither am I working overseas to obtain the affidavit from the Indian Embassy overseas and stuffs.

He appeared as if he had no control over the affairs of the PSK when checked about the appointment date and time; may be the case.

When my wife and I walked in yesterday, I was asked to produce my Passport in original. I showed the copy of my Business VISA invitation and explained to him that it’s sent to the Consulate to have the VISA stamped. I was escalated to the APO; yes the same APO I had checked with a week ago.

He said, NO, I must bring my Passport in original! When I reiterated that it was him who asked me not to bring the Passport as it’s sent in to have the VISA stamped. His response sounded so ridiculous to me that is so incompliant to the chair he holds. “I have might have carelessly told you so”

The document advisor on the Passport India website clearly suggests “Attested photocopy of Passport of both or either parent” and APO does certainly have his prerogative power. 

I have had situations where the APO taking Process help from the TCS employee there which shouldn’t ever happen. He was dictating what he needed to fill in the remarks column then? How on the earth can this be done? A private person advising a APO real time on the process!! Nevertheless, the Passport officer was a very nice person, specially to mention, very knowledgable too, untied all the hecks and got my wife’s Passport renewed then. Image

I have been tweeting @indiandiplomacy as and when the issues occurred or being occurred. Is their Twitter ID just for broadcast? Can’t they make it interactive?

We need brilliant people sitting at the key position, lest the life of the people would be unwantedly persecuted. Image

When a wrong person sits on a (responsible) chair